Paintings By Artist Linda Carr

Golden Field of Haystacks

Illinois-Born Artist Linda Carr

Would like you take a closer look at the landscape of America Farmland.


She paints the excitement of the open fields.

Powerful rich Golden Fields of Haystacks you see why people fall in Love

with the wide open fields of the land. You move your eyes across the landscape.

The land farmed by successive generations.

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Give the Gift of Art


                                                                              Tis the Season, for looking for the perfect gift of Art!

                                                           Linda's Art captures your attention! Give her art, so it has a place to call home.



Art for all Taste -Still Life, Chefs, Landscape, Colorful Koi, Floral

Children running  on the beach.




"Goose with Friends"




All Art shipments require special packaging and handling. We'll be happy to give your quote based on size and weight.

any questions. E-Mail

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Shades of Purple, and Oranges

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Living with What You Love...


To have a stunning room, add warmth and love with artwork.

Walls are a canvas to be covered with fine-crafted art.

Art adds a layer of personality to your home or office when you collect Linda Carr's Art.





  Linda Carr oil paintings are bright and finely crafted with an eye for detail.




What's on Your Walls?


Beautiful Artwork



" Linda Believes that a Perfect Piece of Art can create a bond between People & Memories".



Whether you are in search of something classic, contemporary, or completely electric, 

Linda's  Studio is your source for exquisite, one-of-kind paintings created to last for 

a century and beyond to make your life and home more beautiful.




 Do You Hear Me Talking To You?






































































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Purple Clematis

"Summer Purple Clematis Blooming" signed on front and back


When I saw the sun lighting up my clematis I was inspired.

The deep rich blossoms next to the warm vining leaves add contrast and texture 

to my oil painting.


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"Sweet Raspberries and Watermelon"

Oil Painting on Fine Canvas

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"Blooming Magnolia"

Small Sweet-Oil Painting on Canvas, Signed on front and back by Artist Linda Carr

"Blooming Magnolia" is painted alla prima from life--in one single sitting.

Each mark of paint is applied wet-into-wet and remains visible in the painting's finished state.

The painting is painted with professional grade oil colors on primed surface.

All materials adhere to archival standards. "

Blooming Magnolia" is varnished and unframed ready to be display.

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"Look Who's in My Favorite Chair"

Giclee' Printed on the Finest Arches Paper


"Look Who's in My Favorite Chair"

Whether working in oil or watercolor,

I enjoy using colors that are bright and more vibrant

and intense.

After spending most of my time painting in oils,

I still love the flow of watercolor.

There is a certain engery that flows when I am working.

"To Me Art is Part of LIving"

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Let's Dance

Why Do People Dance?

Dance throughout the world is considered an art form, just as a painter

uses his paints or canvas; a dancer expresses themselves with their body

and the use of movement.

Some may say that dance exists for everbody, 

from the moment you take your first step

you find the art of moving in a certain way.


We all have special memories of our first dance.

Where did you have your first dance? Who were you with?

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Art Collectors of Linda Carr Artwork

Art Collectors Say:


I saw Linda Carr's "Winter Brook" Landscape painting
on her Linda Studio Facebook site. I fell in love
with the painting. I google Linda Carr Fine Art
researching the artist. I called purchased to the painting and
picked it up the next day it was that simple.
I had a private showing of her art studio. Just beautiful!

                                                   -Wanda Rebholz Fuzinato

My wife and I bought "Two Ladies in White"
it has been a source of much pleasure over the years.
                                           -Robert & Brenda Keller






Please check out Linda's Fine Art Studio Her work is amazing,

and I know you will find something that will tug at your heart like this did mine.

And I have the one and be passed down to my daughter someday.

Again, Linda, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with me.

                              --Deb Jessen


Inquires Welcome, Contact Linda Carr


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