Paintings By Artist Linda Carr

"Look Who's in My Favorite Chair"

Giclee' Printed on the Finest Arches Paper


"Look Who's in My Favorite Chair"

Whether working in oil or watercolor,

I enjoy using colors that are bright and more vibrant

and intense.

After spending most of my time painting in oils,

I still love the flow of watercolor.

There is a certain engery that flows when I am working.

"To Me Art is Part of LIving"

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Let's Dance

Why Do People Dance?

Dance throughout the world is considered an art form, just as a painter

uses his paints or canvas; a dancer expresses themselves with their body

and the use of movement.

Some may say that dance exists for everbody, 

from the moment you take your first step

you find the art of moving in a certain way.


We all have special memories of our first dance.

Where did you have your first dance? Who were you with?

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Art Collectors of Linda Carr Artwork

Art Collectors Say:


I saw Linda Carr's "Winter Brook" Landscape painting
on her Linda Studio Facebook site. I fell in love
with the painting. I google Linda Carr Fine Art
researching the artist. I called purchased to the painting and
picked it up the next day it was that simple.
I had a private showing of her art studio. Just beautiful!

                                                   -Wanda Rebholz Fuzinato

My wife and I bought "Two Ladies in White"
it has been a source of much pleasure over the years.
                                           -Robert & Brenda Keller






Please check out Linda's Fine Art Studio Her work is amazing,

and I know you will find something that will tug at your heart like this did mine.

And I have the one and be passed down to my daughter someday.

Again, Linda, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with me.

                              --Deb Jessen


Inquires Welcome, Contact Linda Carr


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Why Buy Art



Buy something truly special. With more and more things in our lives becoming mass-produced, it is more difficult to find unique objects to which we have a personal connection. When you buy an original work of Art, you can be rest-assured no one else in the world owns something just like it. There is only ONE original. How many other things that you own can you say that about?

When Gregg delivered this original watercolor painting to Deb Jessen Holmes, he said she was so excited to see it, then when she saw it for the first time, she started to cry. "It's so beautiful and it reminds me so much of my dad (Sonny Jessen)," Deb said. "I had a bluebird feeder in my backyard once and dad would sit there all day watching them. And this captures his spirit. And look, it even says 'heavenly blue' and I know dad is up there looking down over me."

This is why I create original works of art. This is why you should buy them.--Linda Carr of Linda Studio

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Valentine Memories

"Valentine Memories" 6x6" Oil Painting ON SALE for Limited time $75.00

                                                 I was inspired to paint this white contempary tea cup, with its modern spoon

                                                           resting on the top edge. The new tea cup reminds us life is always

                                              changing, and it always nice to try new things. But, I also love my childhood memories.

                                          One of my favorite memories is my Grandmother baking pink frosted Valentine cookies

                                          for my little sisters and I each holiday. Grandmother loved to bake as much as I LOVE to

                                                             paint. Hope you enjoy my painting of "Valentine Memories".


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A New Year Brings More Paintings






                                                                                           Painting is a lot about memory.

                                                          You don't want alot of visual distration as your thinking about something.

                                                                      It is about answering questions as you look at your subject.

                                                                                           For example what color is that?

                                                                               Being able to see something and turn your head 

                                                                                                         and mix the color.
                                                                  Staying focus on your subject is key for unique crafted painting.

                                                                                             Every painting is new feel for me.



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Pet Portraits Last a Lifetime

Captioning the Soul and Spirit of Your Pet with Skilled Hands


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Why I Make Art

                Why Do I Make Art
Express personal thoughts and feelings
Commemorate important people or event
Record a time, place, person or object
 Seek to affect social change
Reinforce culture ties and tradition
Heal the sick
  Do something no one else can (or have done)



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Linda- Adding Fine Detail to Artwork

Linda achieves quality realism detail with a steady hand. Her handcrafted paintings our achieved using the finest highly pigmented oil paints that produce brilliance and luminosity. DESIGN.-Having a good design and movement are essential building blocks which to start. You also need colors, tones, surface texture and lines, all the elements of a good painting working together.

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"Lavender in Provence"



Frenrch Country Cottage with lush purple Lavender in Bloom out front.

I  painted the cottage in creamy butterier pigment with a blue sky.

Characteristically French elements as I remember rural France.

Mediterranean windows with narrow slutters.

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